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Coralys Vargas

Hospital, birth center, home birth

English, Spanish
Languages Spoken:

Brevard, Orange, Osceola, Seminole

Counties Served


Altamonte Springs

Gracious Doula Service

Coralys Vargas

Coralys started this journey after difficulties with her own pregnancy, having miscarried her first child at 20 weeks. She struggled with postpartum depression and breastfeeding and wanted to be by the side of other women so that they may feel kindness and support, security, and loved if their experiences mirrored hers. She believes every birthing person deserves to be heard and to have someone who can help them advocate for themselves. I am a certified birth doula, Childbirth educator, postpartum doula as well as a breast-feeding counselor. I love chocolate, I love to listen to other people, I love nature, love my kids and love my passion as a Doula.

Coralys Vargas
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we are doulas

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