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Isis Rubin

Hospital, Birth Center, Home Birth

English, Spanish
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Broward, Palm Beach, Miami Dade

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The Intuitive Womb LLC

Isis Rubin

I am a mother of two, ages 6 and 2. My mission is to guide women to tune into their intuitive wisdom and become active participants in their birth process. It’s a call for women to reclaim their power over their bodies and trust their innate ability to birth. I believe that we have an opportunity to shift our society and essentially change the world by providing the space for women and mothers to thrive. As a holistic doula and childbirth educator, I seek to provide expecting mothers support both physical and emotional alongside evidence-based information and advocacy during every phase of their journey. I am there to be an unwavering source of non-judgmental support, comfort, reassurance, and information. I approach each birth as the unique occurrence it is; honoring the journey while holding space, sharing wisdom, and offering support from my knowledge, experience, and intuition.

Isis Rubin
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we are doulas

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