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Johrdan Johnson

Hospital, Birth Center, Home Birth

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Chatham, Richmond, Evans, Fulton, Gwinnet, Cobb, Tifton, Clayton, Forsyth, Columbia

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The Luxury Doula LLC

Johrdan Johnson

Hi, my name is Johrdan Johnson and I am a wife and mother of three literally and figuratively as I also have a son named Three. Being a doula means everything to me. From the moment a birthing person finds out their pregnant to the moment they are needing assistance with the best way to sanitize their haakaa... I will be there. I want to be there when a mother is TTC and feeling downhearted. I want to be there when a FTM sees the positive sign on a pregnancy test. I am the eye and joy in all birthing people. Birth work is truly a passion of mine so being a doula fulfills my soul. It is not just the work that excites me, it's the joyful noise throughout the entire experience. Finding compassion in all things doula is not hard for me at all and that's why I will forever strive to be the best doula this world could imagine.

Johrdan Johnson
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