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Kellie Vazquez

Hospital, Birth Center, Home Birth

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Camden, Glynn

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A Village Within INC

Kellie Vazquez

I am wife and mother of four & counting. My passion for working with families runs very deep. I come from a large family and being around pregnant women was a norm for me. I have had the professional experience of working with families for a over a decade. The strict focus of supporting mothers pre, during, and post pregnancy for over eight year. I am a LPC/LMHC by trade and Mental Wellness Therapist by experience. When I meet with a mom, I look at them as a whole-being. That means from a Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual aspects of self. Well balanced nutrition is promoting very highly here at A Village Within, Inc due to the notion of you are what you eat.

Kellie Vazquez
The Doula Network
we are doulas

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