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Mariama Bah

Hospital, Birth Center, Home Birth

English, French, Arabic, Fulani
Languages Spoken:

Boone, Mation, Hamilton, Hendricks

Counties Served



Rahma Maternal Services LLC

Mariama Bah

I grew up in the Indianapolis area and around a multi-cultual and muli-ethnic groups from all walks of life. I love meeting and speaking with people from diffrent backgrounds. I went to Indiana Univesity- Bloomington, graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Global Health. I am pasisonate about women's health, particualy in maternal and infant health. In my free time, I love to read, travel locally, nationally or internationlly. I'm also an active person and love to go for walks, hirking and coule other outdoor activites. I love haning out with my family and friends and I love pets (cats are my favorie though) I'm an empath and gernuinly like to listen to people to help solve thier dilema or just provied support.

Mariama Bah
The Doula Network
we are doulas

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