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Menita Brown

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Royal Goddess Doula

Menita Brown

Welcome to Royal Goddess Doula! My name is Menita Brown, you can call me Nita. I am a certified doula with a background in childcare and the sole proprietor/owner of Royal Goddess Doula. I have spent the last year and a half passionately supporting families through one of life’s most transformative experiences, bringing a new soul into the world. My journey into doula work began in (insert year) after being inspired by my two best friends and their journey to motherhood. Witnessing the support they received or lacked in sometimes scary situations during labor and delivery made me realize that expectant mothers and families deserve better. At Royal Goddess Doula, we recognize that evert mother and family's birthing journey is profoundly unique and deserves an approach rooted in evidence-based practice and deep respect for the natural processes of childbirth. Royal Goddess Doula prides itself on empowering our Goddesses and their families with individualized emotional, physical, and informational support. Royal Goddess Doula offers many services, including prenatal consultations, continuous labor support, and postpartum care, all tailored to your needs. We aim to provide a nurturing, safe, empowering environment for you and your family, aiding you in making informed decisions that align with your personal birth plan. I would be honored if you chose Royal Goddess Doula to be a part of your birthing team to support you in creating the birth experience you desire and deserve. A little about me... When I am not attending births, consulting with mothers and families, and continuing my education in maternal care, I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, fiance, and our four (4) fur babies. If I am not reading up on the latest birth research, you can find me reading urban fiction or cooking new recipes. I would love to learn a little about you at our first consultation.

Menita Brown
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