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Tawni Gary

Hospital, Birth Center, Home Birth Center

Languages Spoken:

Green, Christian, Douglas, Taney, Ozark, Wright, Webster

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Flourish Family Doulas

Tawni Gary

Native Texan, book nerd and mother of six kids. I have a passion for supporting families to have healing, empowering, and restorative births. Through my own birth journeys and of those who I have walked alongside, I have gained knowledge and experience with natural childbirth, homebirths, cesarean birth, NICU stays, twins, VBACs, Induction, Loss, birth trauma, and high-risk pregnancies. Reclaiming birth, healing trauma, and creating new space is key when unexpected changes happen. I work with families to build their lighthouse to have in the changing waves of pregnancy and birth. We all need a guiding light we can count out to always be there through the joys and challenges of fertility, birth, and postpartum.

Tawni Gary
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we are doulas

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