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Jennifer Thompson

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Jennifer Thompson

Hi! I'm Jennifer Thompson, the mother to four amazing, beautiful babies, two of whom I delivered myself. I’ve been a Doula long before I even knew the terminology, providing services to family and friends. I’m a natural nurturing caring soul, who wants the best for all those I’m connected with. I wanted to become a Certified Full Spectrum Doula so that I can share birthing spaces with women of color, to reassure that they are being protected and heard throughout their birthing experience. To help change the mortality rate in black mothers and babies during the birthing experience. With me having my own personal traumatizing experience that left me feeling like I just didn't matter and wasn’t properly cared for; I vow to help as many women to never feel what I felt. The feeling of helplessness, anxiousness and loneliness during our birthing experiences. I actually feel I found my soul purpose. I love what I do.

Jennifer Thompson
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