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Kashia Knight

Hospital, Birth Center, Home Birth

Idiomas hablados:

Cumberland, Hoke, Robeson, Harnett, Sampson

Condados atendidos

North Carolina


Black Birth Rising Incorporated

Kashia Knight

Kashia's Commitment to Supporting BIPOC Families with Compassionate Doula Care Services
With the growing concern of rising mortality rates for BIPOC women, particularly Afro/Black women during childbirth, Kashia's focus is to provide attentive and interactive doula care during the perinatal period. This includes offering reliable information and resources on health & wellness, and medical policies and regulations to ensure that families receive the best possible care. Kashia also places great importance on respecting the cultural practices of birthing families by incorporating traditional customs and communal gatherings if desired. Providing culturally competent care that honors and respects the preferences of birthing families is of utmost importance. Her doula services strive to be the loving emotional and physical support system for the birthing family during their sacred time.

Kashia Knight
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