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Deseree Wolff

Hospital, birth center, home

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Franklin, Adams, Fulton

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Full Circle Doula Services LLC

Deseree Wolff

My name is Deseree. I live in St Thomas, Pennsylvania with my husband, our son Jaxon, and our dog. I was inspired by my own pregnancy and birth to become a doula. I had a hard pregnancy, unlike any of the women in my family and really no one to ask questions to besides my doctors. Sometimes I felt like my questions annoyed doctors and my concerns felt brushed off. While I was pregnant, I couldn’t afford a doula. After this experience I decided I wanted to try to be a doula, and affordable for those who need one. This fired a passion in me that I didn’t expect. I absolutely LOVE birth work and learning about it. I love assisting women and helping them.

Deseree Wolff
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