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Jenee St Juste

Hospital, Birth Center, Home Birth

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The Manger Birth

Jenee St Juste

Jenee St Juste is a native of St Lucia currently residing in Houston, Texas. She got involved in birth work because there is a clear crisis and an urgent need; a need for support people and birth workers attending to mothers and babies, especially women of color. Jenee is on her journey of becoming a certified professional midwife, answering the call to serve as a midwife. While on that journey, Jenee, with deep empathy and expertise, provides unwavering support, helping women make informed decisions and advocating for their birth preferences. Jenee fosters trust, respect, and open communication, tailoring her approach to the client’s unique needs. Her holistic care encompasses physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, while her evidence-based guidance ensures every client is well-prepared. Beyond birth, she continues to support her clients as they transition into parenthood. Doulas play a valuable role in enhancing the birthing experience and promoting a sense of safety for expectant parents. While doulas themselves do not provide medical care or interventions, their presence and support can contribute to a safer and more positive birth experience in several ways. Doulas are needed; support is always needed.

Jenee St Juste
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