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Jocelyn Lanogwski

Hospital, Birth Center, Home Birth

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Olympia, Lacey, Tacoma, Seattle, Kitsap

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Bloom & Branch LLC

Jocelyn Lanogwski

I am a second generation born here in the US. Growing up in a latin cultured household I was taught family is very important. I still to this day hold family at the top of my list of most important things! That also includes friends who are very much like family. I have 7 younger siblings, four of which I raised as a teenager with the help of my grandmother. In highschool I was placed in foster care, which ended up being the best thing that has ever happened to me.So many opportunities arose up and I was able to take everything I had seen growing up and change my future! I was a military wife for 9 years and had the opportunity to live in 2 countries ( Japan and Italy) and travel to 13 countries and counting! I love traveling for many reasons and one is that it helps me to see other cultures and gain more knowledge. When I’m not working as a nanny or doula, I can be found spending quality time with my husband, my 2 dogs, family & friends. I love kayaking, crafting, traveling, and trying new foods. My fascination with the medical field, birth & infants developed long before I became a doula. I wanted to be a NICU nurse ever since my younger sister got sick and spent her first few years in the NICU. After high school I started college at California State University San Marcos, where I ended up moving overseas due to the military. The first birth I attended was while living overseas and my friend's husband was deployed. She asked me to be her support person and I was terrified. However, when I got to the hospital it was like something in me changed and I knew what I had to do. Ever since then I loved birth and all it entails. In 2018 I got accepted into a nursing program where a year later due to unforeseen life changes I didn't finish the program. In 2020 I started my journey to becoming a doula while I was nannying full time. I have been a certified nurse assistant, home health aid, teacher at a bilingual school in Japan, childcare provider and nanny.

Jocelyn Lanogwski
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