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Marcela Caprile

Hospital and Birth Center

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Miami Dade & Broward

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Guided Heart Doula LLC

Marcela Caprile

Hello! My name is Marcela and from a young age I’ve felt a calling to help those who cannot speak for themselves, this is why I initially became a Veterinarian Technician. After enjoying that field for many years, I wanted to specialize in OB/GYN sonography. Plans were put on hold as I welcomed my blessing. During my pregnancy I took all sorts of classes to prepare for birth, but, when it came to the hospital, things didn’t go as planned and I was stripped from my birth rights! I never want another mother to feel the way I felt or be treated the way I was. Every woman deserves to feel empowered, supported and loved throughout their pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum and lactation journey. My passion for doula works only grew as I learned the statistics with minority women, and I am ready to be a part of that change! I want to be a part of the statistic that decreases birth mortality.

Marcela Caprile
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