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Shaday Sims

Hospital, Birth Center, Home birth

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Milwaukee, Waukesha

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WI Doulas of Color Collective

Shaday Sims

Hi, my name is Shaday Sims (CD). I am a mother of 2. Currently I have been a Full spectrum Doula for a year and previously I was a prenatal health care coordinator and a community health worker I've been in this field of work for 9 years. Working in this field have assisted all ages and ethnicities. My passion to become a doula started with assisting my friend give birth and seeing how the medical staff weren't listening to her concerns. After that experience, I was motivated to become an advocate for women giving birth. My goal as a doula is to make birthing people aware of the capabilities of what their bodies are made to do. I believe birthing people are strong, fierce, and amazing and hope to help empower you through your birth and the beginning of your postpartum period. I love to bring the knowledge that I've Acquired through my background and training from different cultures into my practice and continue to take training to keep up with the latest information so that I can provide my clients with the best support possible. I make sure that each woman that works with me is receiving physical and mental care throughout this process. My goal is that every mother feels grounded, nourished, empowered, and ready to take on motherhood!

Shaday Sims
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