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Victoria Johnson

Hospital, birth center, home

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Wake, Durham, Orange, Nash

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North Carolina


A Village of Our Own Perinatal Support Services, LLC

Victoria Johnson

Victoria is a DONA-certified birth doula as well as a Certified Lactation Counselor and Clinical Therapist. Victoria is located in Knightdale and is willing to serve families in surrounding counties. While pregnant with her first child in she began to research pregnancy to prepare for the journey ahead and that’s when she learned of the Black maternal health crisis. This was also when she discovered what a doula was and decided that she wanted to provide this service to her community. Victoria was accepted into the Alliance of Black Doulas for Black Mothers for intensive training to become a certified doula with an emphasis on the importance of understanding and supporting black families through pregnancy. Now a Clinical Therapist; Victoria has been able to draw from these experiences while serving her doula clients to ensure that they receive well-rounded care throughout the entire process. Victoria has always had a passion for serving others and has a background in trauma-informed care which she gained while serving victims and children of domestic violence, human trafficking, and women struggling with perinatal substance use. Victoria prides herself on being down-to-Earth and personable, an advocate, and empathetic. She finds these qualities to be important qualities that cannot be taught. Victoria looks forward to serving all families of different needs, structures, and gender identities in the community.

Victoria Johnson
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