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Ellen Branch

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Los Angeles



Los Angeles

Simply Ellen Holistic Services LLC

Ellen Branch

Hey, Y'all! My name is Ellen, my preferred pronouns are she, her/s. I am so excited to serve our black birthing families as a Full-Spectrum Doula! I was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina and have lived in Los Angeles since 2017. My rural NC upbringing reinforces my desire to serve populations that otherwise would not have access to full-spectrum doula care. As an individual, I bring a unique well-versed perspective to everything I do; from spoken word poetry to empowering laboring women to advocate for themselves. I am a certified lactation education specialist, yoga instructor and peer support group facilitator. I am committed to honoring myself, serving the community, and being a proud black queer woman! During my free time, you can find me somewhere with my shoes off outdoors. I love watching sunsets at the beach, roller skating, and dancing with friends. I hope to share laughter, moments of gratitude, and genuine connection with you and your family during this pregnancy journey, no matter the outcome. Let’s take up space and chat over a cup of tea outdoors. Peace, love, and light

Ellen Branch

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