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Payton Zuver

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Payton Zuver

I’m a certified doula (full spectrum), lactation educator, childbirth educator, and Prenatal Yoga Instructor that serves Miami-Dade and Broward counties. I’m also a mama to the most perfect little toddler. My journey into birth work started after the birth of my son left me feeling deprived and traumatized. I became a doula so that I could help other people have better experiences, but the more I learned and grew, the more I realized that I cannot empower birthing people because people who make life in their bodies ARE power. We don’t need anyone to help us be so. We just need someone who respects us to support us through the rite of passage that is birth. My personal mission is to hold space for birthing people as they step into their power, intuition, and ancestral knowledge during the sacred experience of birth. In postpartum, I find joy in nurturing and nourishing the birthing parent so they can focus on healing and bonding with their baby. Every doula has their own style and approach to birth work. I would describe my style as more laid back and intuitive. I watch and listen to the needs of birthing people and respond calmly. My former clients have described me as “the soothing presence in the room”.

Payton Zuver

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