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A heat map.....but of doulas

During the scorching summer days, it's enjoyable to explore a unique heat map that doesn't focus on temperatures or severe weather, but on doulas instead. This heat map illustrates the active presence and care provided by TDN's doulas, offering a glimpse into the warmth they bring to the birthing environment. Ashley Self, the Data Team Lead at TDN, known for her expertise in graphs, charts, and data analysis, conducted a zip code analysis of TDN doulas. The findings are remarkable.

TDN doulas offer doula services spanning from the East Coast to the West Coast and along the Gulf of Mexico. They provide services from the Canadian border to the border of Mexico. The darker shade of purple indicates a higher concentration of doulas in that region. Florida is the darkest shade of purple, followed closely by Texas (specifically Houston), Georgia, and North Carolina.

Check out the heat map below - it is truly extraordinary. And to learn more, check out TDN's website, social media or contact us directly.

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