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Aaliyah Letts

Hospital, Birth Center, Home Birth

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Broward, Miami Dade

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Coral Springs

Godess Enchantments LLC

Aaliyah Letts

Im a virgo with a tender big heart and devoted to always being 100 % unapologetically myself. My big heart and non judgmental spirit is what always draws people close to me because imso selfless and prioritize loving on thoes i care for and supporting them any way i can. Im spiritual and hold close to my heart my indigenous ancestrial holistic practice. I help woman to find their Divine feminine energy because we are so powerful. The universe caled me to birth work and confirmed it once i had my second child with a natural water birth and wouldnt have been able to get through it with out my amazing doula. It was because of her amazing impact on me i was inspired to vecome a doula aswell im passionate and a firm believer our body was made and buikt to birth safe and with little to no medical intervention.

Aaliyah Letts
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